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    She’s Healed, Inc. is a budding non-profit organization founded on the impetus of one woman’s desire to meaningfully impact the lives of other women and girls who have suffered from various forms of abuse. In a community where approximately 43% of women will experience some form of physical, sexual or psychological abuse, the need for an organization like She’s Healed, Inc. has never been more compelling. Despite the grim reality of abuse nearing pandemic levels within the community, there is still hope.
    Our organization is dedicated to facilitating the healing and education that is integral to empowering women and girls to overcome the many adversities which stem from abuse. We offer protection to those who have been denied their basic right to safety and independence to those who have been stripped of their freedoms. We offer a road map to the light at the end of the tunnel from which women and girls will emerge with the tools to not only survive life after abuse but thrive.

    There is an overwhelming abundance of statistical evidence to support the fact that when women suffer in silence at the hands of their abusers, the entire community feels the impact of their suffering. This is one of many reasons why we all have a vested interest in helping to heal the physical, emotional and economical scars left by abuse. If given the chance to heal, those scars have the power to prevent further abuse. However, if left untreated, those scars have the potential to perpetuate further abuse. 

    Your support of this organization is critical to helping women navigate their way to independence, stability, safety and healing. The interdisciplinary, multi-faceted approach that She’s Healed, Inc. uses to accomplish these objectives is comprised of three successive steps: 1) heal, 2) educate and 3) empower. By partnering with other local non-profit organizations, we are able to increase our presence in the community and expand our service offerings, which enhances our ability to provide resources that truly make a difference. We appreciate your support of our mission and thank you on behalf of the women and girls who will ultimately benefit from your contribution.  No amount is too big or small. Click here to donate

         For more information, please feel free to contact us directly at (513) 445-2250 or

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